Jazz Nativity simulcast at 6pm!

Go to to watch Jazz Nativity live tonight at 6pm (Sunday, December 8th). Simulcast live from Grace Fellowship in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Jazz Nativity opens in South Florida!


Excited to share that Richmond, Virginia’s Jazz Nativity is reproducing itself in South Florida!

For my Virginia friends, there is no big band, no Starbucks, and no 2-man handbell comedy acts.  But you have to start somewhere.

For my Florida friends, you are invited to a beautiful retelling of the Christmas story through jazz, blues, Latin, and gospel, all on the piano, with lots of improvisation!

All the songs I’ll be playing that evening have been recorded onto a Jazz Nativity CD, available that evening and throughout the Advent season at Grace Fellowship for just $2.   Buy one CD, and we’ll give you as many free CDs as you want . . . as long as you give the CD away to someone! 

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the songs featured on December 8th at Jazz Nativity and on the Jazz Nativity CD.  This arrangement started as a Tim Wight (trumpet) and Shawn Allen (piano) duet at Richmond’s Jazz Nativity in 2009:

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