Jazz Nativity opens in South Florida!


Excited to share that Richmond, Virginia’s Jazz Nativity is reproducing itself in South Florida!

For my Virginia friends, there is no big band, no Starbucks, and no 2-man handbell comedy acts.  But you have to start somewhere.

For my Florida friends, you are invited to a beautiful retelling of the Christmas story through jazz, blues, Latin, and gospel, all on the piano, with lots of improvisation!

All the songs I’ll be playing that evening have been recorded onto a Jazz Nativity CD, available that evening and throughout the Advent season at Grace Fellowship for just $2.   Buy one CD, and we’ll give you as many free CDs as you want . . . as long as you give the CD away to someone! 

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the songs featured on December 8th at Jazz Nativity and on the Jazz Nativity CD.  This arrangement started as a Tim Wight (trumpet) and Shawn Allen (piano) duet at Richmond’s Jazz Nativity in 2009:

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13 thoughts on “Jazz Nativity opens in South Florida!

  1. kathy streetman

    Florida is in for an awesome treat! so glad that jazz nativity has made its way south! how can we get a CD up here in the cold north??? love & hugs & prayers sent your way from Rick & I! good luck with & God bless your Florida jazz nativity night!

    • Thank you to all who have asked about getting a Jazz Nativity CD. The CD will be available to download within the next week. I’ll post all the details when they are available!

  2. That’s great Shawn. It will be a great ministry. Can I buy the music online?


  3. Angela

    I am so excited as I read this post just imagining how God will grow and bless this event in South Florida. We are seeing God’s provisions for Jazz Nativity in Richmond and I think back to that first year and how it all started with a vision and one little show. This year our biggest struggle is having enough seats for all our guests and trying to keep up with God’s amazing plan!

    I cannot wait to hear all about your event and get my hands on one of those CDs.

    I’ll be praying,

  4. Bob A

    Same question as Kathy and Carl — Florida’s a bit far. Can you make the CD available online? Maybe put in a compressed file on Dropbox; sell for $3 via Paypal ($3 so you can cover your Paypal costs); send the Dropbox link to those who pay?

  5. Melissa

    Shawn, how exciting! What a treat your church family & community will have! As JN continues to grow here, I can’t help but think how awesome it would be to link the two events via video, etc. It would be a blessing for those who attended the first show here to see how God continues to grow His community in South Florida.


    • Melissa, I had thought of the simulcast idea before your comment, and as soon as I read your comment, I thought “that must be a good idea!” The Jazz Nativity Richmond folks simulcast it in their green room. Maybe next year we can simulcast the events while they are happening onto your screen and mine!

  6. Rob House

    Shawn, sounds great! Echoing Carl’s comments and his request on where to get the CD!

    Best regards, Rob

  7. Laura Southard

    Will buy several of those CDs and promise to give them all away but one for me and my family! So tell us how to get them 🙂 Jazz Nativity Richmond is my very favorite night of the year. With many family members now in Vero Beach and Juno Beach, I will pass the word to them and pray that they will be blessed as we have been by your vision and gift of Jazz Nativity. Praying for you and your family!

  8. Lyn

    Wish John and I could be in South Florida to listen to our favorite pianist!
    I see a simulcast happening in future years!
    Love to all the Allen Family 🙂

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