Overdue Update

The celebration of my 38th birthday seems to be a fitting occasion to share an update on our life here in South Florida.

The wheel of transition that was spinning rapidly for the first 12 months of our life here has slowed considerably.


a South Florida sunset captured from our back patio

I have been leading the worship ministry at Grace Fellowship for 9 months now.  Below you can watch one of my favorite moments, as our band, choir, and dancers led worship together . . . (my daughter Grace is the dancer all the way on the right)

to watch the videos on this post, you need to read this on jazzysaint.wordpress.com ]

The most fulfilling way I have served Grace Fellowship has been helping the church become more healthy by discerning vision, building systems, and facilitating communication.  Meanwhile, I am resetting the DNA of our worship ministry by creating a discipleship culture: calling people to follow Jesus by living UP toward God, IN toward the church, and OUT toward the world, and then empowering them to lead worship (as opposed to scheduling people to fill slots and then hoping they follow Jesus along the way).

If you want to learn more about the way we are creating a discipleship culture
and the missional community we just launched
(which ironically reminds me a lot of church planting!),
check out my new website:



Sara and I co-taught a junior-high class at Berean Christian School this year called the Art of Music.  I also taught group music lessons.  In the video below, you can watch one of these groups perform with my daughter Nellie as the lead singer (my Virginia friends will remember me leading this song).

Nellie also learned the mandolin and the bass guitar this year.  Grace learned the African drums and the piano, and Walker continued to learn the piano.  

All three kids had a very positive experience attending Berean.  Nellie joined the school’s track team and discovered that she has natural talent in distance running.  Grace received straight As all year long, enjoyed dancing at church, and started her cheerleading career.  Walker survived 2nd grade with an excellent yet very structured (hmmm, I can’t think of a word that describes Walker less than structured) teacher.  I also had the joy of baptizing Walker on Easter Sunday (you can watch the baptism below) . . .

Sara continues to tutor students from all over the world.  During the school year they usually tutor in person, but the other day Sara was trying to figure out how to schedule her day of skype tutoring sessions with kids who were in Germany, Colombia, and Canada (that’s three different time zones, plus ours).  In the Fall Sara hopes to go back to school to pursue a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.

Our family continues to get more and more healthy.  It seems like just about everything that we eat is organic, and we have eliminated all kinds of things some of us used to enjoy.  Fortunately, Sara is a great cook, and can make really weird, I mean, healthy, things taste good.  Sara and Shawn have been working out together (even entering the P90X world) almost every day for the past 4 months.  By the way, exercising together is a productive way to spend quality time with your spouse.  I wonder how many men reading this are married to a woman who can do 15 push ups in a row (no, not the modified “girl” push ups . . .  the real ones)?

If you missed my updates about how Jazz Nativity blossomed here in South Florida, you can find out how to listen to the music and read more at GraceFellowshipJazz.com

Until my next overdue update . . .  Peace.




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