The Allen family moved to South Florida in August 2012, drawn to the region’s spiritual need and cultural diversity.

Shawn is the Worship Pastor at Grace Fellowship.

Sara is preparing her novel for publication and tutoring students from all over the world through Private Tutoring Services.  She also hopes to start her Master’s Degree soon at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.

The Allen children are students at Berean Christian School.  Nelly is in 7th grade.  She spends most of her time doing homework, connecting with her friends through her ipod, and learning the mandolin.  Grace is in 4th grade, continues to excel academically and as a role model at school, loves to cheer, and is learning the bass guitar.  Walker is in 2nd grade, loves legos, playing the piano, and proving that he really can jump over huge objects.

Shawn and Sara are also teaching a middle school class at Berean Christian School, The Art of Music.

We are renting a house in a neighborhood directly across the street from both our church (and therefore Shawn’s job) and the kids’ school.  What is unique about this house is the difference between the front and back door.  Walking out of the front door gets you to the great neighborhood amenities  (tennis courts, pool, gym, etc.) and plenty of neighbors.  Walking out the back door, you feel you are “out in the country” (as my grandmother would say) . . . breathtaking views of a preserve, some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, wildlife we would pay money to see, and 12 miles until you get to the next house.

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