Thank you . . .

Thank you to everyone who has prayed a prayer, given a dollar, followed this blog, sent an email, placed a call, texted a message, followed me on twitter, mailed a Christmas card, liked our new church on facebook, and even visited our new church.

Highlights from our first 4 months here in South Florida:

– We moved here to start a new church (eventually named Mosaix Church) because experts say 90% of the people in South Florida are spiritually lost.

– We arrived just in time for the kids to start school. Many of Grace and Walker’s classmates are Haitian, and we ended up transitioning Nelly to home-schooling in November.

– Walker was erroneously given permission by his teacher to walk home from school a few weeks after we arrived. He somehow found our home a mile away by himself, crossing a major 8-lane road without crossing guards to get there.

– I am working in the worship ministry of a great church in West Palm Beach called Grace Fellowship until we can raise enough support for me to focus my energy on planting our new church.

– Sara has received high praise for her work leading science experiments for schools all over South Florida. She starts a new job in January tutoring teenagers who winter in South Florida to continue their training as professional equestrian riders.

– Since the beginning of October, we have gathered neighbors at our townhome each Sunday night. We have cast vision for the church we hope to plant, discipled folks, shared the gospel, and eaten a lot of Sara’s great cooking. We’ve welcomed 34 different people into our home for these Sunday night gatherings, and have averaged 15 adults and kids each week.

– Next steps for Mosaix Church:
. . . leading the folks who are already gathering at our house to be a part of the team who will help us plant Mosaix Church.
. . . starting several “missional communities”. These groups will help us build bridges to new people in our community and at the same time seek to make an immediate impact on real needs.

Please consider helping make Mosaix Church become a reality by becoming a Prayer Partner or Giving Partner.

Until next year . . .

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One thought on “Thank you . . .

  1. JIm and Linda Hartz

    May God continue to bless you, Sara and the kids in the new year as you follow God’s will for your lives! You all are in our prayers as you go forward. We love you!

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