Digital Influence, or, “the word on the street is to tweet”

The word on the street is that one of the most potent ways to build a following is through digital influence.  Since I set foot on the hot and wet Floridian soil, digital mediums I had only heard about have become personal acquaintances.   I want to invite you to check out a few of the new ways I am expanding my digital influence here in South Florida.

1) You are obviously familiar with my South Florida website and blog (, which I will continue to update for people who want to keep up with the Allens and know how to support what we are doing (through prayer and/or resources).

2) You are also welcome to visit our  new church’s website .   This website has been created for South Floridians to learn more about Mosaix Church, but you may find it interesting.  Those of you who have enjoyed following the South Florida blog may want to follow the blog on this new website as well.

3) You may want to visit and “like” the facebook page for our new church,

4) If you tweet, you can now follow me: @shawntallen

I am very thankful for the wisdom I continue to learn from others about how to use these tools.  Pray that God will use these digital influences to build His church.

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