1 Gathering Down, Infinity to Go

Thank you to the 5 folks who participated in my crazy idea of a prayer teleconference call.  It was powerful to be prayed for by folks from 900 miles away (and 1 from 1400 miles away).  If you missed this one, we’ll definitely do it again.  Stay tuned.

Then, it was on to the 1st gathering of Mosaix Church.  If you are trying to figure out exactly what we are doing at this point, we are trying to gather people at our house, cast vision for what the church will be, and inspire people to help make that vision a reality.

It might seem like a small thing, but at our 1st gathering we doubled our numbers from 5 to 10 (praise God!).  Besides getting to know each other and eating some of Sara’s delicious brownies, we talked about the mission of our new church: living UP toward God, IN toward the church, and OUT toward the world.

Then we actually did it.  We worshipped God through song (UP), prayed for several people’s specific needs (IN), and wrote cards to a very sick woman in Virginia (OUT).  That’s what church is supposed to be.  Learning truth and then living it.

The UP, IN, and OUT lingo should sound familiar to Gayton Baptist folks.    If it’s new to you, here’s a 2 minute video clip from the guy who created the lingo to catch you up:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKLaKy3c_Ws .

In 15 years of ministry, I have yet to find a more simple and all-encompassing summary of the Christian life.  That’s why we’re adopting it as Mosaix’s mission statement.

And I would encourage each one of you, before you go to sleep tonight, to audit your life using these three life-directions (UP, IN, OUT).  Figure out which is weakest in your life, and make a plan to do something about it.  Tell someone (who loves you enough to be honest with you) that you are going to try to focus your life more in that direction over the next 30 days.  When the 30 days are up, ask them if they’ve noticed a change.

Since the three directions are based on Jesus’ life, you should end up more like Jesus than when you started.

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2 thoughts on “1 Gathering Down, Infinity to Go

  1. Angela

    Nice statistics…doubling numbers is what you do best! I love the mission of your church and will take your advice on evaluating my personal triangle. Can’t wait for the next prayer teleconference…none of this is conventional and that is what makes it so wonderful!

  2. Charlene

    God is planting those seeds and the multiplying of the new mission of your church is underway! Excited to hear the good news and to know that we can be a part, even through a phone! Praying that each Sunday the growth continues.

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